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Full of Irish Pride

We are Irish Pride Gifts, a family business proud to be Irish. Established in 2012, we are the Galway local go-to small gift shop for 100% handmade ceramics. We started off by participating in fairs and festivals around Galway and, at times, around Ireland. Moving online is another way to maintain great ongoing relationships with people from all around the world, either interested in getting gifts for their loved ones or themselves. Each product that we make and put up on the website for all to see is unique and therefore, you can rest assured to not find it in any other home. Our aim since the start has been to pass each item with love and care from our family in County Galway to yours.

The pride within us comes from our childhoods and the dreams we had growing up. From the attempts to reach the rainbows or find what is at their end, to seeing unicorns or fairies with your own eyes, to catching how long before the echo of the windchimes fade into the wind. We carry the dreams of our childhood selves in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

The collection of crafts we present here are a result of relationships with our Galway customers over the last 10 years. These relationships helped us select the most beautiful designs and the best colour combinations, the best use instructions and the most beautiful and sturdy packaging. Each piece has been carefully thought out, handmade and checked to provide the best quality products to you.

“They lived and loved and laughed and left.

JAMES JOYCE, Irish Novelist

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