“Two Rainbows and Dream” A Set Of Two Bells


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Set of 2 bells.
Have you ever seen the end of the rainbow?
A rainbow symbolises hope, goal or an ideal to be met.
The set contains two big luxury bells and a gift box is available with silk paper packaging.
Hight: 12.5cm, width:6.5cm
Suitable for use not only indoors but also outdoors as long as the temperature does not drop below 0℃
Warning: could break upon dropping on a hard surface
It is a great original gift for all children and former children, a friend, a colleague, or a family member or yourself.

All our gifts comes in luxury wrapping, so you can enjoy unrapping from very start.

We have few options.

Option 1 is The gift box that is wrapped in specific gift paper that is designed like a newspaper.

We have developed a special Edition newspaper. Which describes the stories, the meanings of the symbols depicted on our products.

The exclusive packaging is completed by a wax stamp with Galway or Dublin symbols.

This gives the luxury gift exclusivity from start to finish.

The second Option is white or red cute houses.Ideal for Christmas or Kids presents

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 12.5 cm


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